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Monday, May 25, 2009

Dil Jo Na (Heart that could not) from Bheegi Raat

(Dil jo naa keh sakaa,
(Heart could not reveal

Vohee raaz-e-dil, kehne kee raat, aayee) x.2
That very hearts secret revealing night has arrived) x.2

Dil jo naa keh sakaa....
Heart could not reveal

Naghma saa koi, jaag uthaa badan mein,
Like a song has aroused within the body

(Jhankaar ki see, thartharee hai tann mein) x.2
(Music like reverberation shakes the structure) x.2

O' mubaarak tumeh kisee ki, larazti see baahon mein, rehne ki raat, aayee,
Oh congratulations to you the night of remaining in someone’s quivering arms has arrived

Dil jo naa keh sakaa....
Heart could not reveal

Taubaa yeh kis ne, anjuman sajaa ke,
Good heavens who has decorated this garden

(Tukde kiye hain, ghuncha-e-wafaa ke) x.2
(Butchered the flower bud of faithfulness) x.2

O' uchhaalo gulon ke tukde,
Oh the toss up the flower pieces

Ke rangeen fizaaon mein, rehne kee raat, aayee,
In colorful breeze night has arrived

Dil jo naa keh sakaa....
Heart could not reveal

chaliye mubaarak, jashn dostee kaa,
its okay congratulation for the celebrations of friendship

(Daaman toh thaamaa, aap ne kisee kaa) x.2
(At least you have taken the protection of someone) x.2

O; humain toh khushee yahee hai,
Oh I am glad for this

Tumeh bhee kisee ko apnaa, kehne kee raat aayee,
You too can call someone your own that night has arrived

Dil jo naa keh sakaa....
Heart could not reveal

Saaghar uThaao, dil kaa kis ko gham hai,
Pick up the glass of wine heart is hurt by someone

(Aaj dil kee qeemat, jaam se bhee kam hai) x.2
(Today the value of heart is less then the goblets of wine) x.2

O' piyo chaahe khoon-e-dil ho,
Oh drink even if its through the heart of blood

Ke peete pilaate hee, rehane kee raat aayee,
As the night of drinking and partying has arrived

Dil jo naa keh sakaa....
Heart could not reveal

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