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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nazaara Hai (Glimpse of) from 8 x 10 Tasveer

Heyy.. Heyy.. Heyy.. Heyy..

Nazaara Hai…
Glimpse of

Kuch Khoyi Khoyi Yaadon Ka
Now to remember past

Nazaara Hai…
Glimpse of

Kuch Bhoolon Se Khayalon Ka
Now to go through forgotten memories

Aankhon Mein Pal Raha
It remains in the of eyes

Har Ghadi Khal Raha
The moments are passing by

Ruke Na Ruke Na Bas Har Ghadi Chal Raha
Time doesn’t and can’t stop, it keeps ticking by

(Nazaara Hai) x.4
(Glipse of) x.4

Koi Andekhi Tasveer Ka
of some unseen picture

(Nazaara Hai Heyyy) x.4
(Yes glimpse of) x.4

Koi Nasha Hai Sazaa Hai
There is some kind of intoxication, some kind of punishment

Kya Yeh Bala Hai Khata Hai
What is this bad omen, this bad timing?

Beetein Pal Ke Katron Ka
Every moment is dangerous

Aise Waise Khatron Ka
Of uncertain and unknown dangers

Soye Hue The Jo Ab Tak Khoob Saare Barso Ka
Have been sleeping for many years up until now

(Nazaara Hai Heyyy) x.4
(Yes glimpse of) x.4

Koi Andekhi Tasveer Ka
of some unseen picture

(Nazaara Hai Heyyy) x.4
(Yes glimpse of) x.4
Kaisa Samaa Hai Khuma Hai
What kind of calmness is this?

Thoda Dhua Sa Yahaan Hai
There is some mist in the air

Jaise Koi Khwaaab Sa
As if this is a dream

Behki Koi Raah Ka
The path is tricky

Bikhre Hue Kuch Na Jaane Se Kisso Ka Kaise
One who is torn and shattered does not know how to fit the puzzles

(Nazaara Hai Heyyy) x.4
(Yes glimpse of) x.4

Koi Andekhi Tasveer Ka
of some unseen picture

(Nazaara Hai Heyyy) x.4
(Yes glimpse of) x.4

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